Sourdough for Busy Moms

Avoid frustration and overcome common challenges to make sourdough work for you!
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You deserve to bake delicious sourdough without the headache

We all lead busy lives, and none of us need extra stress or frustration simply by wanting to bake our own bread.

But so many of us find ourselves saying:

  • "I'm brand new and overwhelmed with all the information. Where do I even start?"
  • "My loaves always come out of the oven flat."
  • "The dough is always hard to shape and score."
  • "Why is my bread is always inconsistent."
  • "I can't get the starter to work for me."

What do most people do when they encounter sourdough problems?

They try a new recipe, only to find they have new problems and even greater frustration! Eventually, they may get so overwhelmed and quit sourdough altogether. I should know: I was one of those people. I quit sourdough!
I was a busy mom and couldn’t make sourdough work for me. My results were never the same and I kept running into problems with every recipe I tried. I became frustrated and I gave up. After about a year – and some convincing from my husband – I decided to invest in myself and attend a sourdough workshop at a local bakery. I came home with more confidence, I baked a lot more bread, and then I had the revelation: There is no one-size-fits-all sourdough recipe.

The only perfect sourdough recipe is the one that works in YOUR kitchen!

Don't work your life around sourdough... Make sourdough work for you!

Through my new love for sourdough bread baking, I developed the flexible and customizable Leavenly Process to help other busy moms avoid the common pitfalls and challenges plaguing home bakers. The Leavenly Process allowed me to adapt any sourdough recipe to fit my climate, my ingredients, my life. I was no longer intimidated by sourdough. I said goodbye to unrealistic Instagram expectations. I was free of frustration!  

Sourdough Mama: Bailey

My biggest struggle with sourdough has been not having someone let me know if I'm on the right track or not. Heather helped me experiment with a few different things to try to find the sweet spots.
I would definitely recommend it!

What will you learn?

The Sourdough for Busy Moms video course will walk you through the Leavenly Process so you too can bake frustration-free sourdough bread. The course will cover every step of the sourdough process, with detailed video instructions designed for busy schedules and hectic lives. It will teach you everything you need to know about sourdough bread, from creating a consistent and happy starter to getting the baked bread results you deserve.

More importantly...

The most valuable thing you’ll learn in this video course is the secret to understanding when you can adapt any sourdough recipe to fit all the variables in your life. I call these Leavenly Moments. Most common challenges come down to a few key areas of the sourdough process that, when customized to fit your specific needs, are no longer an issue.  Leavenly Moments will empower you to avoid these challenges and get better, consistent results - now and for all of your future bakes. 

The Sourdough for Busy Moms course covers:

  • A how-to video guide from start to finish
  • Scheduling tips and guidelines
  • Starter issues, like feedings and smell
  • Common challenges and troubleshooting for both your starter and your bread
  • Scoring methods and designs 
  • Shaping techniques for boules and batards
  • Benefits of cold-proofing your dough
  • Thorough explanation of hydration, and why it matters
  • Adding different ingredients to your dough
  • ...and the four Leavenly Moments, of course!

Sourdough Mama: Brittany

Heather was so amazing and helpful! I learned a ton and it made a huge difference in my loaves. Her little tips and tricks are manageable and she knows what matters, and what things to not worry about.

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Built with confidence

I truly believe the Leavenly Process will help you bake better bread on a consistent basis.  But if you decide you’re not satisfied with the course, email me within 30 days of registering, and you'll have your money refunded. All of it.

You're at a fork in the road

You can keep trying new recipes until you hopefully get the right results. Through a lot of frustration and determination you can make anything work. OR, I can show you an easier path: a way to end your frustration and learn how to adapt any recipe to make sourdough work for you. 

The path to success

Choose to walk with me in the Sourdough for Busy Moms course and let’s start baking the frustration-free bread you deserve! 
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Meet Heather, Sourdough Mama & Owner of Leavenly

Heather founded, the site that turns busy moms into Sourdough Mamas. She encourages moms to bake sourdough bread at home for their families, and shows them that it's absolutely possible. Heather developed the flexible Leavenly Process to help home bakers avoid common challenges and frustrations and bake better, more consistent bread. 


How do I gift the course to a friend?

After buying the course you'll receive an email with a one-time free registration URL that you can give to any friend. This is a great way for you to do the course alongside someone and help grow our community of Sourdough Mamas! (The link will only work for one registrant.)

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course!

What will I learn in this course if I've made sourdough before?

I encounter intermediate to advanced sourdough bakers every day and keep hearing similar challenges pop up. These challenges can be addressed by customizing key areas of the sourdough process. More importantly, we teach beginner bakers to expert bakers which parts of the sourdough process can be adjusted to avoid these challenges in the first place. These are called Leavenly Moments, and they have helped many home bakers get more consistent results to bake better bread. 

Do I need a starter to take this course?

No! You don't need anything. We cover everything: from required tools and substitutions if you don't have a fully stocked kitchen, to a day-by-day guide to making your very own sourdough starter from scratch, to different scoring techniques before you bake, plus everything else you need to know from start to finish.

What if I'm unhappy with the course?

Leavenly is all about providing value and empowering home bakers. If you're unhappy with the course for any reason, just email me within 30 days of buying the course I'll refund your payment. 

What tools do I need?

We cover tools extensively in this course. There are lots of options from pricey bread pans to substituting with cookie sheets. We cover it all. The most important thing is a digital kitchen scale - you must have a scale! Otherwise, you can get by with almost everything you already have in your kitchen (a dutch oven makes a huge difference, but it's still not as important as a digital scale!).

I'm not a busy mom. Heck, I'm not even a woman! Can I still take this course?

YES! We have lots of proud Sourdough Papas, Sourdough Uncles, Sourdough Aunts, etc. Leavenly started because I was a busy mom frustrated with baking sourdough bread, and I discovered how to adapt sourdough recipes and the process to fit my kitchen, my ingredients, and my schedule. That is what you'll learn this course, and it's applicable to everyone from a stay-at-home married mom to a single career-driven individual who just wants great consistent bread! 

I'm really busy - how long will this course take?

As long as you want! There is no expiration on the course and you can watch it on your own time. You can start and stop whenever you want, even during a video; just pick up where you left off last.
If you're making a starter from scratch, I do recommend sticking with that each day. The daily process is very quick (1-2 minutes), and each daily video lesson is less than 10 minutes. I spend time each day talking about common challenges and troubleshooting so you can avoid struggles, and help those more experienced bakers already frustrated with their starter. 

What is the Leavenly Process

Leavenly is all about making sourdough work for your life, not working your life around sourdough. I talk to thousands of home bakers challenged by the sourdough bread process and have uncovered a few key challenges that are common across the board. To address these, we utilize Leavenly Moments to make microadjustments to any recipe. The Leavenly process is about empowering home bakers to identify these moments and customize the recipe the recipe to fit their climate, their schedule, their ingredients, and their life. The best sourdough recipe is the one that works in YOUR kitchen!

When does the course start and end?

We're all busy, and no one understands that more than Leavenly! We designed this course to be viewed on your own schedule. Watch the on-demand videos on your own time: there is no start date and no end date, so you can either take your time or jump right in!
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What You'll Learn:

Resources (Print These Before Getting Started!)
Pre-planning Checklist.pdf
85 KB
Sourdough Terminology.pdf
91.1 KB
Kitchen Tool Substitutions.pdf
55.7 KB
Leavenly Moments.pdf
60.2 KB
Sourdough Notes w Example.pdf
352 KB
Scheduling Template & Checklist.pdf
78.7 KB
Module 1: Making Sourdough Work for You
Welcome Sourdough Mama!
4 mins
Why Sourdough?
3 mins
Sourdough Terminology
5 mins
Module 2: The Sourdough Process
Walk-Through of the Full Process
46 mins
Sourdough Kitchen Tools - What's Required and What's Not
964 KB
Module 3: All About Sourdough Starter!
Let's Talk About Starter
2 mins
Starter Day 0
6 mins
Starter Day 1
9 mins
Starter Day 2
7 mins
Starter Day 3
3 mins
Starter Day 4
3 mins
Starter Day 5
4 mins
Starter Day 6
6 mins
Starter Day 7
4 mins
Starter Day 8
4 mins
All About Discard & Recipe Ideas
5 mins
The Web's Largest List of Sourdough Discard Recipes
Sourdough Discard Recipe Hack: Quick & Easy Fry Bread Mini Pancakes
SIMPLE Sourdough English Muffins Recipe | Leavenly
Module 4: Your Life, Your Schedule
The Right Sourdough Schedule for YOU
5 mins
Scheduling Template & Checklist.pdf
78.7 KB
Module 5: Heavenly Leaven
Building the Leaven
6 mins
Testing the Leaven
5 mins
Module 6: Mixing and Proofing Your Dough
Mixing & Hydration
13 mins
15 mins
Shaping & Proofing
29 mins
Module 7: Scoring & Baking
Intro to Scoring & Baking
5 mins
Scoring & Baking the Country Loaf
12 mins
Scoring & Baking the Sharp Cheddar Bacon Loaf
8 mins
Scoring & Baking the Poppy Seed Loaf
7 mins
Slicing and Storing Tips
7 mins
UFO Lame by Wire Monkey
Challenger Bread Pan
Module 8: Troubleshooting Your Bread
Solutions for Common Bread Challenges
11 mins
Sourdough Bread Problems: Troubleshooting Common Challenges
Module 9: Customizing ANY Sourdough Recipe
Adapting Recipes Through Leavenly Moments
15 mins
Module 10: The Leavenly Life
Congratulations Sourdough Mama!
2 mins